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WATCH: The video footage Parliament TV wouldn't want to show

Posted by admin on November 28, 2014

CAPE TOWN - It's not every day that EFF leader Julius Malema is left speechless. But that's exactly what happened on Thursday as he and his colleagues were cut off in the middle of a rowdy exchange in Parliament. 

Malema was demanding that an ANC MP withdraw remarks about a report into whether EFF members should be suspended. Deputy Speaker Lechesa Tsenoli struggled to contain the rowdy MPs and then decided to have their microphones switched off. 

Parliament TV, which has been accused of censorship in the past, neglected to show Malema and others marching up to Tsenoli's podium to confront him. eNCA reporter Paula Chowles managed to capture the moment.   

Source: eNCA

Wouter Bul Joubert 01.12.2014 0 746


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