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Surveillance Monitoring Officer - Grand West Casino

Code/Reference: N/A03440
Applications accepted until: 2015-07-15
Number of Openings: 1

Unit: GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World

Location: Grand West Casino

Job Purpose:
► Monitors the Operation to ensure gaming and procedural compliance and protection of Company assets, staff and guests.

► Matric Grade 12 with Maths literacy and English fluency.
► Key licence.
► PSIRA C grade certificate.

► Basics surveillance monitoring training (Intro to Surveillance, Tables, Slots, Finance, Cashiering toolkits)
► 1 year experience in a gaming / financial auditing / law enforcement (e.g. SAPS, Security, Defence Force, etc) environment an advantage.
► Experience using surveillance /equipment an advantage No previous criminal record (not including traffic related offences)

Working conditions and special requirements:
► Ability to work shifts that meet operational requirements
► Ability to focus on a specific task for long periods of time
► Good physical eyesight (with or without glasses or contacts) is a precondition to perform effectively.
► An ability to pick up simple changes in colour or movement
► Quick recognition of essential details and the ability to home in on relevant points or characteristics.
► Level and consistency of sustained concentration - prolonged attention span.
► Distinguishing between incident criteria and background noise.
► Sensitivity to deviations from standard.
► Ability to remain focussed over time and maintain attention to detail.
► Speed of review ability.
► An ability to review visual screens efficiently and to pick up both detail and the broader context.
► Human Vigilance / the ability to be vigilant for sustained periods of time

Skills and Knowledge

Technical Competencies:
► Gaming Devices ( Surveillance context )
► Gaming monitoring
► Surveillance systems and equipment

Behavioural competencies:
► Managing risk
► Communication
► Emotional resilience
► Analytical thinking
► Results orientation
► Customer service orientation

Key Performance Areas

Reporting and Administration:
► Reporting all incidents and significant events to the relevant Stakeholders.
► Prioritises reports according to the severity of the incident.
► Captures relevant data on the EOB
► Compiles comprehensive reports where required

► Reviews all video footage and other documentation/ reports relating to incidents, queries and variances
► Investigates all variances reported to the Surveillance Department
► Reports findings of the review

Surveillance Monitoring:
► All Gaming procedures are monitored against the relevant functions.
► Complete target reports / punter scans on all gaming areas as per unit specific schedule
► System checks, alarm conditions and interfaces conducted
► Faulty equipment is reported and recorded
► Issuing and checking of playing cards, where required and other gaming related equipment as per SOP
► Identifies, monitors and actions significant events actioned as per SOP: punter scanning, jackpot verification, table activity, etc
► Monitors all non-gaming procedures against the relevant function
► Proactive monitors high risk areas and emergency response as per set out procedures

Evidence and record keeping:
► Record and retain evidence

Equity: Preference will be given to employees from the designated groups in line with the provisions of the Employment Equity Act, No. 55 of 1998, SISA internal recruitment policy as well as units employment equity plans.

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Grand West Casino, Cape Town
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